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Mens Waxing

Ears,nose and brows
Full leg
Full arm
full Body

Does it hurt?  Simple answer - yes, but pain has no memory so you will come back
Can I take something for the pain?  Yep, a couple of Nurofen before you come.
How often do I need to come back?  I recommend every 4-6 weeks
If I have a brazillian wax,what if I get aroused?  It happens, it is a normal reaction that is accepted and ignored.  
What about aftercare?  Do not wear tight clothing, do not do any exercise that may cause you to sweat, do not sunbath, for 24-48 hours . 
3 days after a wax, you should lightly exfoliate with a brush to remove dead skin cells and moisturise daily to keep the skin hydrated and supple.
What if I get ingrown hairs?  Unfortunately, this happens sometimes, keep exfoliating and moisturising, try to get the hair out with some tweezers and dab with disinfectant afterwards.  There are products that can help with ingrown hairs.
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